Intro & Our First Inspirations..........................................

Hey hey scrappers!

I got this crazy fun idea and thought it might make a cool inspiration blog that we can all participate in! The idea is simple; I inspire me & you inspire you! Thus the title "I INSPIRE ME". Not enough description? What if I said it like this: we get our page ideas from ourselves by looking around at what we already love and have chosen to have in our lives. You see I've recently been in a creative rut (aka "crut") and today realized I could really benefit from lifting my own ideas that I'd already thought of!! These creative ideas are in how I decorate my home, how I dress, how I organize my cupboards... literal translations from a 3D home to a 12x12 page.

So this "I Inspire Me" blog is as much a photo challenge as it is a scrapping challenge. Look around your home in new ways.
If you like how your pictures sit on the mantel - use it as a page design!
If you like how your shiny jewelry sparkles off the dresser - make some metallic embellishments!
If you love cords in the fall - make a corduroy fabric background!
Large scale, big walls or detailed finishes - whatever you love - translate it to scraps.

And be sure when you post your pages to also post the real source - that's where the fun is!
Is the idea alone not enough to you join in? Well I can't promise anything by the way of RAKs or sponsored goodies but given some time & interest I'll see what I can do!!

So that begins our first 2 weeks!! I'm excited to see what you see!

By Lana
The source for my first page is this mirror vignette in my bathroom. I hung them together for my daily full/body/get/dressed purpose. What I love about this view are the colors; white, aqua, green & teal.

This next photo, the side view of a window blind, gave me three ideas in one:
- the sheer wavy layers (which I was originally thinking of using tissue)
- the wavy right edge (which the chipboard was tailor made for) and
- the wave texture stencil used with white paste