Intro & Our First Inspirations..........................................

Hey hey scrappers!

I got this crazy fun idea and thought it might make a cool inspiration blog that we can all participate in! The idea is simple; I inspire me & you inspire you! Thus the title "I INSPIRE ME". Not enough description? What if I said it like this: we get our page ideas from ourselves by looking around at what we already love and have chosen to have in our lives. You see I've recently been in a creative rut (aka "crut") and today realized I could really benefit from lifting my own ideas that I'd already thought of!! These creative ideas are in how I decorate my home, how I dress, how I organize my cupboards... literal translations from a 3D home to a 12x12 page.

So this "I Inspire Me" blog is as much a photo challenge as it is a scrapping challenge. Look around your home in new ways.
If you like how your pictures sit on the mantel - use it as a page design!
If you like how your shiny jewelry sparkles off the dresser - make some metallic embellishments!
If you love cords in the fall - make a corduroy fabric background!
Large scale, big walls or detailed finishes - whatever you love - translate it to scraps.

And be sure when you post your pages to also post the real source - that's where the fun is!
Is the idea alone not enough to you join in? Well I can't promise anything by the way of RAKs or sponsored goodies but given some time & interest I'll see what I can do!!

So that begins our first 2 weeks!! I'm excited to see what you see!

By Lana
The source for my first page is this mirror vignette in my bathroom. I hung them together for my daily full/body/get/dressed purpose. What I love about this view are the colors; white, aqua, green & teal.

This next photo, the side view of a window blind, gave me three ideas in one:
- the sheer wavy layers (which I was originally thinking of using tissue)
- the wavy right edge (which the chipboard was tailor made for) and
- the wave texture stencil used with white paste


Vicki C said...

OH Lana... how much to I LOVE the idea of this! It's so true ,there is so much around us to inspire us, if we just look! That layout is the coolest reflection of the decor!...Right down to the leaves! L*O*V*E it!
This post INSPIRED look around me more! Very cool friend!

Catherine said...

What a great idea Lana...I've got a couple of ideas up my sleeve. I'll try to get something to you this week if I can. I'd love to play along, THANK YOU for asking!

ps. posted my 7 random facts today!

squillen said...

Lana, I'd love to play! I have something that would be perfect to kick off my inspiration! I'll send you an email, okay?

Thanks for inviting me on this awesome idea!!!

Amy W. said...

love the concept! :)

Ady said...

Great blog... Definitely adding the link to my blog. I love all the ideas


This is just too cool!! Great idea. Love all the layouts ladies!!!!

rose said...

oh great layouts and wonderful blog
oh think this has inspired me already

Chris Dodaj said...

This blog is such a great idea! Count me in joining in the challenges!!

Donna said...

OMGosh... how do i subscribe to your site. the inspiration is simply amazing. i'm in awe of how you all take something in your lives and turn it into a beautiful page. i find myself wanting more.

adisnet said...

Love what you are doing and reminds me of the beauty of heaven. I hope you'll be there?