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Now. Away we go with an I Inspired day, these girls rocked it out........

Thank you Amy! [applause & whoohoos all around!]
Before we get to all the lovely layouts - how about a quick Q&A?

Assuming you were just as artsy as a child, what's the cutest/goofiest/silliest thing you ever made? The first thing that comes to my mind was a poster I created in elementary school. There was a poster contest for the school carnival and I entered a drawing of a horse (I was a horse-crazy child) in a field of flowers, complete with 3-dimensional, tissue flowers. I remember spending a long time at my drawing board in my room, gluing down each little square of tissue paper. I should’ve known then, I’d was destined to be a scrapbooker! Oh, and I won the contest. :-)

After winning MMM, what was the coolest thing you learned from working with Memory Makers? Shortly after winning MMM, I totally revamped my scrapbook room. I posted photos of it on the MMM blog and the editors liked them so much, they approached me about writing an article about scrapbook supply organization and creating 5 layouts to go with it. I kinda freaked out a little at first, but once I got started on it, I had a blast. I thought writing the text would be the hardest part, but the real challenge was creating 5 layouts about different aspects of my scrapbook room. In the end, I love the way those layouts turned out and now I look at things a little differently when I decide on a subject to scrap about.
Are you going to CHA this July? If so, what are you most excited to do there? Yes, I’m going to CHA! I’m so happy be helping in the Fancy Pants Designs booth again. I totally love working with those guys! Super nice people and the product rocks! But, I think what I’m most excited about is getting a weekend away from the kids. Although this will be my first time away from my little one, Josie, so I’m sure by the end of the weekend, I’ll be dying to get home. If you are going to CHA too, drop by the booth and say hi, I’d LOVE to meet ya!

By Amy:
Her colorful mixing bowls, these are called Texas Ware confetti bowls for you antique flea finders, were the inspiration for her 'baby's first bath' layout. The splatter affect is great inspiration for a water theme. She used a toothbrush and watered down acrylic paints in warms hues. It is the water & acrylic mixture that helped achieve such a beautiful & vivid texture.

By Christine:
This new purchase of Christine's sparked the memory of a particular beloved photo she was saving. Christine mimicked the title work & color scheme exactly and positioned the photo right under the largest word: love. This is beautiful and striking interpretation from a T-shirt!

By Amie:

These are Amie's favorite shoes. Funky in plaid and stylishly tattered, she recreated the same in her patterned paper by ripping, rolling and crumpling. It's the perfect added texture for these rambunctious photos of her daughter. Even the shoe's laces give inspiration for incorporating journaling strips! Details details details!

By Suzanne:
The weaving vines over the window pane inspired Suzanne use of ribbon through her daughters 6 sweet photos. The small berries are represented in the random buttons. She used the neutral tones of the wood but backed the photos onto bright yellow paper for a 'pop'.

These dishes were a birthday treat for herself. She bought them because she loved the pattern so much and by doodling the same florals on paper it makes a cool detail that I love too!

By Jill:

Talk about and eye for design! Jill didn't just see a side dish in this bowl, she saw a layout! The bright colors and chopped bits inspired her to do a 2-page multi photo layout that incorporated lots of great photos and lots of great pattern papers. Since they are in small bits, mixing mini pictures in as well, the patterns work out to a cool, clean design.

By Cat:

She found these two tiny blue notes in her son's pocket. He had written them in school, they read: D+K=B, D=Devotion, K=Kindness B=A Better Community. A better community; what a reason to scrap a page! Cat is rightfully a proud mom who's son has a big heart and he is my inspiration!

By Jaime:
The colors, patchwork pattern and textile nature of this quilt inspired Jaime's 'goofy' layout. She used the patchwork pattern in a small dose which is often all you need to achieve the design you're after. And Jaime did it beatifully here.

By Delaney:

The looped metal trim inspired Delaney to add it as a detail on this card. It really makes the card, adds texture and a unique touch. She has an eye for detail that always awes me.

By Donna:

Donna is in a southwestern state and an earthy girl at heart. I've always noticed those details in her home and here is a prime example. She used the ribbed textures, bold colors and western patterns to make this introspective layout about herself as the middle child.

By Vicki:

When I saw this cool picture of her vintage fan I couldn't image the amazing translation Vicki could spin out of it. The colors, patterns and placement of elements make this circle Page Frame layout as interesting and demour as her vintage-looking collection in the photo.

By Lana:

These iron hangings hang high on our bedroom wall and are the beginnings of a collection. They are what I look twice a day, morning and night and I love the asymmetry of where they hang. The Hambly transparencies were an easy translation for the iron but the colors needed to be lighten and I used a blue background instead.

This vase and stars sit at our front door and everytime I see them they seem to be flying out like butterflies. The glitter and natural colors inspired me to do this page of my busybee daughter doing a puzzle on the couch.


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