What a post we have today! Layouts, a RAK and TWO, yes TWO

featured guests: Doris Sander & Danielle Layton !!

We all send you girls a big cyber >hug< for your added eye candy. With all these layouts, the recent long weekend, and CHA releases I'm feeling veeerrry inspired! And so are all you scrappers! Check out the the fun everyone's been having with their I Inspired ideas.
And who's the winner of the Crafty Secrets Stamps & Journaling Notes you ask?

Yay Raquites!!

Email iinspireme@hotmail.com with your addy and let the mail-stalking begin. :)

Enjoy the layouts this week and I hope you're inspired to play along again!
The theme for next week: your Cloths/Shoes/Outfit.

We have two wonderful girls guesting this week. I've been seeing their faces and admiring their work for a number of years at a small website you might know called 2Peas In a Bucket? Not familiar? Kidding, of course we know 2Peas! :) These girls are both super talented, super sweet and super published I might add! They both have wonderful blogs so be sure to click on their banners below and catch up with them!

By Doris:

In her words (I couldn't describe it any better ;) "My inspiration was a pair of white plates I have. One is vintage milkglass my mother gave me and the other is one I picked up at Pier One a few years ago. I've always wanted to do a white-on-white layout and this challenge was the perfect opportunity. I used the raised stripe and floral patterns as a jumping off place to add lots of texture to my tone on tone creation." Texture indeed, and its gorgeous Doris!

Speaking of 2Peas, Danielle can we have a quick Q&A before checking out your pages?

Question: I see you are a big 2Peas girl - why do you feel so at home there? Did the website help you begin scrapping? Danielle: It's complicated! I started scrapbooking 5 years ago, and I was lucky enough to be on a design team for a store called My Daughters Wish. I was befriended, mentored, and inspired by the other members of that team (Erica Hernandaz, Shannon Montez, Joanna Bolick, Melodee Langworthy, Joy Bohon) As those girls went on to bigger things, I followed them to 2 peas. But I didn't really start posting my work until the last 6 months though. In Oct 2005 my husband was badly injured and nearly killed in Iraq. Add to that a pregnancy, new baby, and 3 moves later, I finally found 2 peas again.
My favorite thing about 2 peas is that even though it is a huge site, it really is just a small community passionate about scrapbooking. And it doesn't matter whether you create and post everyday or only on Tuesdays ending in 7, you will find someone who does the same thing and they get it. I love that it's an international community and I meet people from all over the world. Wonderful, talented, inspiring people. Yep, I love 2peas.

Question: Describe one life scenario where you instantly thought to yourself "this will make a great page!"
Danielle: I was a new mom, and my son (then 2 months old) was sound asleep. I laid him gently on the couch to get some water, and my pug dog Sami immediately curled up next to him. I reached for the camera instead of the water. It was the moment I knew that everything was going to be ok, that our little family would work just fine. I still haven't scrapped that page, I've got big expectations for it that I can't meet yet.

By Danielle:

What a rich & whimsical layout this turned out to be! Danielle choose a full texture patterned paper to make this 'smile' page that was inspired by her bedroom throw pillows. The texture, the way the pattern is overlayed and full of depth... it's as beautiful as her little one!

The pool layout was inspired by her bathroom towel. Dirty laundry you're thinking? Nope! Not for Danielle, she saw the bright summery colors against the bright white that laid out the sketch of the page. Adorable take Danielle!

By Donna:

Isn't her kitchen citrus heaven?! It is a beautiful, cheery vision, even if her layout's subject matter isn't. I can 100% appreciate a dig-deep, journal-driven page and Donna framed these important words beautifully with the colors in her kitchen.

By Vicki

Notice how Vicki pulled in even the red accent color of the bottom plate into her layout in the far corners, design can be found anywhere and these colors meld like butta'. She even incorporated the straight lines of the stripes with the curves of the shapes!

By Delaney:

Delaney's mug is a perfect example that we buy & already own what we love. The pink & black swirl is so much her style and lends itself wonderfully to this clean lined page about her mom... a graphic designer in training for sure!

By Christine:

White dishes are hot this week! Christine adores this unique plate and happened upon a stamp with the same motif! She used it as inspiration for party invites. The white oval shape is represented in the scallop die cut even!

By Amie:

Unique shape= unique design. The angles in the lines of her faucet laid the sketch work for Amie's page. Even the beveled edges were inspiration for her photo rounded corners!

By Cat:

The cool colors of this package against Cat's counter top inspired her Spring layout. Very modern, very cool and very "Cat"!

By Cindy:

The color, texture and pattern for Cindy's layout were all inspired from a single storage basket. Genius!

By Jill:
A combination of these two items and their elements inspired Jill's puppy page. Totally interesting details and materials that would appeal to me too, great page Jill!

By Lana:
This goofy but oh so adorable creation by my daughter Lucy ,inspired me to get in the stick figure spirit. A fun experiment to represent children! I have a few places around the house that are ever-changing. They are spaces on bookshelves, or photo clips or frame arrangements that are always open for interchanging things like my daughter's artwork; this is one of those spots. You can see the frame is only resting against the paper.


Jill said...

Spectacular pages this week, everyone! SO much color -- and SO many inspiring layouts.

Donna said...

I love what everyone did this week!!

Raquites said...

*doing a happy dance* thanks I inspire me!
Love all the pages this week!!! All the white dishes are great.

Hardcorescrapper said...

This is my favorite day of the week! I just love seeing everyone's inspirations! WOW! Fabulous job everyone!

Vicki C said...

I cant even tell you guys how much I look forward to these posts. I love seeing the "inspiration" and the outcome. Love it! Fantastic job everyone. Back to look AGAIN!

V Colbourne said...

Very exciting. Loveeee all of the layouts. Wish I could play along, however my boyfriend has taken my camera with him to work this time and he won't be back for another 10 days :( So maybe next time I will get to play along!

Catherine said...

Everything so looks AWESOME...great work this week everyone!

Cindy said...

VERY fun week & full of inspiration...love what everyone has created...Awesome stuff ladies!!!

~Amie~ said...

I'm lovin' all the eye candy here!! great work everybody!