Mid-Post Inspiration & Poll

I hope every one's Wednesday finds them well! Don't let this birdcage deter you, keep working on your Window & Door inspired layouts, but we also have a little mid-post inspiration to jump the juices!

We also want to ask your opinion about the blog layout. Do you like it wide or would you prefer it more narrow for concise reading? I recently made my blog "skinny" after visiting & being inspired by Christine's. I know how I Inspire Me looks in my browser but I thought it was a good idea to poll the readers. Use the poll to the right to tell us what you think!

The scrolls on this birdcage inspired the small wall hanging for my daughter's room. These were some especially beloved photos I took of her and I wanted to display them in a cute way that I can still later put into an album. The thought bubble "stop it mom!" is not just a thought, she always says this in her "I'm grown up" way when she's tired of picture time! :)


Jill said...

Supercute project idea!

Vicki C said...

Oh.. so so cute lana!