Welcome Sasha & Ranie!

In your best I Inspired way, please welcome our 2 newest regulars!! [[yips, yays & applause!!]]

Sasha Farina, bright, fun & eclectic. Her style is unique and versatile; she does layouts, cards, minis, one-photo, multi-photo... girl's got some great ideas in that creative mind! Check out her gallery here and her blog here!

Ranie O'dell, whimsical, delightful & digi. Her style is light-hearted and full of surprise touches that make me marvel in all the pages' details. You can find her gallery here or visit Catscrap.com, where you can also check out the digi store she runs. I know Catscrap is one my faves, check the IIM banner. ;)

We are going to miss Tessa & Suzanne who both have become so busy this summer with booming businesses. Visit Tessa's Etsy shop to see her adorable works. And be sure to catch up with Suzanne's cooking on her blog.

Thank you to the two regulars leaving us, for your time and GORGEOUS layouts. And THANK YOU to the two regulars joining us!! We are so excited to see what inspires you!


Lana said...


Lana said...


Cindy said...

so glad to see you both here...BIG WELCOME!!! :-)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

thank you sugars!! So glad to be here :)

Michelle Filo said...

oh, love these girls' work!!!!
sorry to see some ladies go, but I am sure it is for the best of reasons :)
Can't wait to see what the new girls come up with!!!

~Amie~ said...

woohoo! Welcome girls! So glad to see you here!

Christine said...

Welcome - welcome, so glad you can join us!! Can't wait to see what everyone does this Wednesday!